Nha Trang


Nha Trang Vietnam Beach Resort Vacation

Nha Trang is famed for having the finest beaches, often called Vietnam's Mediterranean, and it's also a key transport crossroad, with Cam Ranh harbour, Nha Trang airport and good access to roads and railways. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round.

Day 01: Arrival Nhatrang
Day 02: Nhatrang
Day 03: Nhatrang
Day 04: Departure from Nhatrang

For further details, please visit http://www.lotussiatravel.com/vietnam+tour/vietnam+beach+breaks/nha+trang+beach+vacations.html

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Days:3-4 days
Price:200usd - 500usd
Start from:  Nha Trang


Name: Lotussia Travel
Address: 12/12 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone: +84422494668
Website: http://www.lotussiatravel.com

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