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2-day tour in Binh Duong

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Ba pagoda is the first destination of Binh Duong if you follow highway 13 from Ho Chi Minh centre, one of many famous Chinese pagodas in Binh Duong. Built in 19th century, this pagoda has a temple worshipping Moly Mother - Thien Hau, a God worshipped and respected by many Asians.

 Đại Nam Quốc Tự
 Inside the community locates Dai Nam Van Hien hotel of 134 rooms built to design of Co Loa citadel and Hue imperial palace. You may stay at this hotel or any hotel in Thu Dau Mot town.

Leaving Ba pagoda, you should then head for a well-known sights just inaugurated in Binh Duong - Paradise of Dai Nam Van Hien (Culture of the great Vietnam). It takes you almost one day to tour this 261-acre sights. Need to say, this place is to conserve and honour quintessences of Vietnam through 4000 years. Projects here are covered in yellow symbolizing for nobleness and loftiness. Historical stories of Vietnam have vividly simulated through vignettes on gates, doors, etc.

On 2nd day, tourists may visit Din Ky (Dìn Ký) green resort at Cau Ngang (Cầu Ngang) - Binh Nham (Bình Nhâm). Entertainment services come in full for tourists' selections. Besides, dishes here are also in variety and deliciousness. .

 A corner of café “Gio & Nuoc” (Wind and Water)
 A corner of café "Gio & Nuoc" (Wind and Water)

Regarding entertainment places, do not miss a chance to drop in café "Gio & Nuoc" (Wind & Water) at 6/28T, zone 3, Phu Tho, right at the centre ò Thu Dau Mot town. Tourists may find this café of much impression since it was all made of 7000 thick bamboo trees - a friendly material to the Vietnamese. There designed an artificial lake in the middle of this café. At first sight, this lake may give you feeling of a very deep lake because of effect of black rocks but actually it is only knee-deep. This design was awarded 2nd prize in the contest "Projects made of bamboo 2007" held in USA.

Minh Sáng Plaza đầy ấn tượng  Shopping in Binh Duong should be at Minh Sang (Minh Sáng) Plaza - a place offering perfect pottery and porcelain under brand named Minh Long. Internal decoration was impressively deisgned. Main lobby strongly impresses with a painting named "Ca vuot vu mon" (Cá vượt vũ môn), up to the ceiling is the painting of vivid flocks of stork. All kinds of commodities are for sales such as pottery, porcelain coming in all kinds of styles, types that may be bought back as gifts.

At the end of 2-day tour, do not forget to drop in My Lien restaurant to enjoy bloating fern-shaped cakes - another trait of charming Binh Duong.


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2-day tour in Binh Duong
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