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Playing with sand

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Playing with sand is a favor-ite activity for kids; but for adults, it is could be either a form or entertainment or a challenge when arranging layers of sand to form artful sand paintings, which are often done by professional artists.

However, such is the new entertainment that was recently set up in a corner of Xua Restaurant located in Thanh Da Peninsula in HCMC’s Binh Thanh District.


Walking into the open air eatery in the morning or in the afternoon, one may catch sight of a child or adult staring at a cup covering colorful sand. Little by little, they deliberately pour a thin layer of sand into a clear crystal cup, to create a picture from their own imagination.


Like others who have been fascinated with sand paintings of  picturesque portraits or landscapes created by skillful artists,  guests at Xua Restaurant can now ‘infuse a soul into the sand’ themselves, to create a piece of art work.


After achieving fame and  success in her artistic sand paintings, artist Y Lan, who is also known as ‘The lady who infuses a soul into sand’ and ‘The lady playing with sand’ among others, decided to bring the artful form to the public, turning it into a leisure activity for entertainment. Now, everyone who enjoys sand painting can have access to the technique of making a picture from millions of grains of sand, as well as understanding the measure of difficulty and artistic skill involved in creating the sand paintings which are seen in shopping centers around town.


With a payment of VND40,000, an amateur painter will be given multi-color sand, a crystal cup and a tiny spool, which are simple instruments for creating such an artistic product.


“For beginners we give guidance, drawing simple patterns that are not as difficulty to do ” said Tran Thi Oanh, a member of staff at Sand Painting Co.  The designs could be a pine tree, an ocean landscape, a boat floating on water, a bird flying in the sky, among others.


Oanh added that the company’s staff just demonstrate the basic techniques of forming a picture and let the amateur painters use their imagination. Several non-professional painters have created beautiful sand pictures.


“Depending on how skilful they are, it can take an hour to finish a work,” Oanh said.  The painter can take his or her finished product home for an additional VND20,000. 


The shop keeper said that usually the amateur painters are prepared to pay more to take their products home as a souvenir. For them, the final result may not be as perfect as a professional one, but it represents their patient labor and hours of concentration, and therefore they treasure it and want to bring it  home.


To play with colored sand, one can go to Xua Restaurant located at 1019 Binh Quoi Street in Thanh Da Peninsula in the HCMC’s Binh Thanh District.

Source SaigonTimes

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Playing with sand

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