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Sailing to Phu Quoc’s Pineapple Islet

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Tours through the islets of An Thoi archipelago and the bustling port in Hon Thom (Pineapple Islet) are two not-to-be-missed sites for anyone visiting Phu Quoc.

Pineapple Islet, one of five populated islets in Hon Thom Commune, is located in the Gulf of Thailand 15-kilometers south of the Cambodian coast. The commune has 3,000 inhabitants and 13 deserted islets. Due to geography, inhabitants live on the western side of the islet from October through April and move to the eastern side during the other months to avoid strong winds and rains. While most locals are involved in agriculture and aquaculture, many are eager to serve as amateur tour guides and often show tourists how to fish and prepare their catch.


Pineapple Islet can be reached via a 30 minute boat ride from An Thoi Port in the southern region of Phu Quoc. Although the islets are deserted, many century-old temple relics dedicated to the gods of forest, sea and mountain still remain.


Rumor has it that the first emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty retreated to the deserted islets when he fled from the battle against Tay Son.


En route to Pineapple Islet, tourists will see Hon Dua (Coconut Islet). The islet is full of coconut and mango trees and is home to a crescent-shaped beach. After passing Coconut Islet and Roi Islet, the boat will finally arrive at the port of Pineapple Islet.


The first thing visitors will see at the port is a crowded floating market with a hundred boats and rafts. Local fishermen sell their daily catch, which often includes shrimps, cuttlefishes and crabs, at this venue for cheap prices.


Both Pineapple and Roi islets have beautiful coral reefs and beaches shaded by coconut trees that are perfect for tourists looking to dive or relax. Visitors looking for adventure can trek through the forests of the deserted islets, which can be reached by small boats, or visit a cuttlefish fishing village located 10 minutes from Pineapple Islet.

Source SaigonTimes

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Sailing to Phu Quoc’s Pineapple Islet

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