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The character of Vung Tau's beaches

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Located approximately 120 km east of Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is a wonderful weekend destination with a bevy of charming beaches.

The city has five beaches known in Vietnamese as Bai truoc, Bai sau, Bai dua, Bai Dau, and Bai Nghinh Phong.Bai truoc (Front Beach) is shaped like a half moon and is the beach in the city center.


It is popular among residents and tourists for a nice place to walk around or to watch the many boats coming and going.


Lined with coconut trees and a park full of flowers to one side, Bai sau (Back Beach) stretches for kilo-meters and is lined with hotels and seafood restaurants.


With a back-drop of modern buildings with hotels, restaurants and cafes lighting up the evenings along Tran Phu Street, Bai sau is a romantic spot for an evening stroll, although during the day the beach is loud and full of people swimming, building sand castles, or playing football on the beach.


Down the way along Tran Phu Street is Bai Dau (Strawberry Beach), which is 3 km from Bai truoc.Bai Dau is characterized by numerous small gulfs, massive rock formations, and smooth white sand. This is a quiet, pebbly beach. Here, the mountainside abuts the beach.


On the other side of Tran Phu Street from the sea and beach is the casuarinas forested mountainside which houses a giant statute of the Virgin Mary and Bodhisattva Kwan Yin. Along the road to Bai Dau, there are several restaurants popular for the wide range of fresh seafood they offer. There are also a number of wooden houses built in the Central Highlands architectural style.


From Bai sau along Ha Long Street is Bai Dua (Pineapple Beach),which has managed to keep much of its wilderness and tranquility despite the vast developments of Vung Tau. The sea here crashed into the rock and created many small pools of warm, salty water. Bai Dua has the kind of peaceful and romantic scenery that is ideal for couples.


Along Ha Long Street is a bevy of villa-style hotels and several well-known pagodas, like Niet Ban Tinh Xa and Mieu Ong Nam Hai, where many visiting Buddhists who come to pray for luck and happiness. Not far from Bai Dua is Bai Nghinh Phong (Wind Welcome Beach).


The white sands of Nghinh Phong make the beach blazingly bright under the sunlight or moon-light.The water off the shore is deep and is an ideal spot for fisherman. For visitors who choose Vung Tau to relax, fish, sunbathe, swim, take a stroll, or play games in the sand, there is a beach to suit their needs

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