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Tuc Dup Hill – A rocky beauty made by fairies

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At a height of over 300 meters on the 614 meter high Co To Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill in the southern An Giang Province is known as a legendary haven for fairies.

It is also famous as a military base for Vietnamese soldiers in the war against the US forces.Among the Seven Mountain region and located in the Tri Ton District, seen from afar, Co To Mountain and Tuc Dup Hill resemble a phoenix.Thus, the area referred to as Phung Hoang Son, means “the mountain of the Phoenix”.Of interest is the scenic spot known as San Tien, which means ‘the fairy's yard’.This is a massive rock yard with an area of more than 300 sq.m.The rocks are fairly smooth, but the piles are relatively steep.Near the far end of the rock yard there is a right footprint in the rock.This right footprint is said to have been left by a fairy who stepped from Co To Mountain to Cam Mountain, about eight kilometers away.

There is a left footprint on Cam Mountain.Legend has it that fairies used to gather on the mountain to enjoy the moonlight.Once they held a competition to throw stones from the top of the mountain.Before sunrise, a hill was formed at the foot of the mountain with a stream flowing through it.From this legend Tuc Dup Hill gained it’s named, which means ‘the nightly water hill’.Due to its terrain, Tuc Dup was used as a shelter for the Vietnamese soldiers in the 1960s-1970s.There they sustained fierce attacks by the US Army between 1968 and 1972.

The US forces dropped thousands of tons of bombs on Tuc Dup but failed to destroy the military base there.Afterward, the American forces named it the ‘2 million dollar hill’ becathat was the amount worth of bombs that location.Now in peace time, Tuc Dup Hill and Co To Mountain are home to more than 30 households that grow fruit trees such as mangoes, jackfruits, pineapples and avocadoes.They also cultivate aquilegias trees for agar wood.The locals here sell goods to visitors such as footwear, headwear, food, drinks and candles.On the mountain there are natural forests, picturesque views, caverns, pagodas and temples.

Visitors can enjoy the fresh air, which is frawith the scent of the area fruit trees.At the foot of Tuc Dup Hill is one of the largest ostrich farms in the Mekong Delta.Co To Mountain welcomes visitors all year round, but it is more crowded from the time of the Lunar New Year holiday until the fifth lunar month becaof the prime weather conditions.The provincial tourism department designed a new tour that visits spots not only in An Giang, but also in the neighboring province of Chau Doc.

This tour starts in the town of Long Xuyen and visits Thoai Son Mountain, the Oc Eo Archeological Site, Tuc Dup Hill, Cam Mountain, the Tinh Bien Border Gate Market, Sam Mountain, Chau Doc Market, and a floating fishing village before returning to Long Xuyen.

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