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Among transportation lines connecting Dalat to its neighborhood lasted for some time the railway between Dalat and Chàm Tower, which was opened in 1938 and whose station of Dalat was considered the most beautiful Indochina railway station at that time.

This 84 km railway, 16 km of which is rack and pinion railway, was designed by Swedish engineers, experienced in mountainous geography, allowed steamer engines and its passengers to climb up and down steep hills or through dark tunnels, which provoked in them interesting adventurous feelings of admiring slowly passing landscapes of majestic mountains and forests. Unfortunately wartime caused part of the line unsecured and the whole extraordinary line was left unused for a long time.

In 1991, in an effort to produce various tourist products in Dalat, the 7-km railway line joining Dalat with Trại Mát was restored at a cost of over VND 11 billion. In fact, it hasn’t been so far confirmed what kind of tourism it is in Trại Mát. Expect for that tourists may visit Linh Phước Pagoda nearby, which is still restrictive due to difficulty in travel and time limit.

In spite of the negative side of this tour, impressively named ‘the excursion to Trại Mát’, tourists can take the advantage of having a full sight of Dalat from high above, when the train is winding its way along hill sides, of admiring the continual miraculous changing of the nature in front of their eyes, of enjoying the purest atmosphere of the Highlands, where the pressure of industrial development can’t reach its hand for environment pollution.

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