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Dak Po (Đăk Pơ) pine forest belongs to Dak Po district, Gia Lai (Gia Lai) province. This natural forest aged more than 40 years olds has the density ranges from 500 to 600 trees/ha and average height at 1.150m above the sea level.

Nature gives Dak Po a dense pine forest and very green grassland next to it, which is a special advantage of this place. When getting, visitors can enjoy the extremely fresh air and scenery of streams and waterfalls inside the mountainous area.

And when strolling under the shadow of pine trees, visitors can hear the very soft sound of wind feel the simple beauty of this place.

According to Dak Po social-economic development policies in its near future, the pine forest will be the most attractive ecological tourist site.

Source: simplevietnam.com

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