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Location: The Dam is located in Van Phong Bay, of Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa, and Nha Trang city by about 80km Highway 1A north (45km hours by sea). 

Feature points: Dam Mon Peninsula attractive sand by the long run, about 20 small islands with large forest resources and, the strange, unique in the village of Dam Mon chai ... 

Dam Mon peninsula has a natural area of 128km ², is one of the destinations that the world tourism has conducted assessments and very high. Here are all fully natural conditions optimal for the development of eco-tourism climate, coastal, mountain, scenery, environment, ports, supply seafood ... And almost all are intact. 

Month 6 / 2002, a road is 18.5 km long as starting from under deo Co fallen throughout the Dam Mon, opening for the development of tourist Bay office. Taking on the way this new, throughout the region Peninsula, visitors can see the house as being chìm in sand, the immense sand, remove the white long run, not a round ball of a person in , can cause sensations, such as the way is through a vast desert. Empty area hillock appears road running along coastal lasts from Dam Mon to Dai Lanh. And the final journey will be a small village located in chai Bay, private, year-round green rop jocularly: Dam Mon. The Dam has three villages: The Lower Dam, Dam Mon and Xuan Thuong Do not. 

In this small village chai tourists will not see people carrying rice and can sit or lie on the sand long regardless of where. The Upper Dam have high sand hills, where visitors can climb to view the sea of green outside thẳm far. In Xuan Do not just learning a span will find fresh water right next to the beach. At a village of ethnic minority called DANG HA, although this is not the name on the map distributed population of Vietnam, but still exists in Van Phong Bay. 

Tennis Dam Mon completed, visitors began to explore the boat about 20 islands, large and small, on the island is the forest life. After the mountainous areas, the visitors started explorer water. Van Phong is a regional ecosystem coral development is quite typical of Vietnam. Here are services scuba dive see teeth coral, swimming, sailing to the Van Phong Bay ... 

Evenings guests can take questions or ink activities camp fire burning on the beach, and it is great when you can buy the right mu breeding fish in the cage or lobster up to actually to enjoy the sweetness of the sea just to produce fresh from the sea off ...

Source: vnexplore.net
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