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One of the Vietnam's advantages is the beautiful, famous beaches throughout its length such as: Nha Trang, Dai Lanh (Đại Lãnh) beach in Quy Nhon (Quy Nhơn) city. Among those, if you have a chance to visit Vung Tau (Vũng Tàu) city, don't ever forget to go to Con Dao (Côn Đảo) (an island) by boats and come to the wild, simple but attractive Dam Trau (Đầm Trầu) beach.

Dam Trau is the most romantic beach of Con Dao district. It is right next to the Co Ong (Cổ Ông) airport with a long, smooth sand shore under many shapeless cliffs

The access to Đầm Trầu beach

The access to Dam Trau beach

The local people tell that Dam Trau beach associates with a sad love story. The story was about a guy named Trúc Văn Cau in Co Ong village. He was very intelligent and resourceful. Truc Van Cau was the son of Mr.Câu and Mrs Tranh. One time, he met Miss Mai Thị Trầu - the daughter of Mr.Đinh and Mrs.Bèo.

Câu used the folk-song to ask the lady:

"Tiện đây anh mới hỏi nàng

Cau tươi ăn với trầu vàng xứng không?"

I was wondering that if the fresh areca (Cau - his name) and the gold aetel (Trầu, her name) could be in harmony?

Miss Trầu replied very smartly and graceful:

"Mai vàng chen với trúc xanh

Duyên em sánh với tình anh tuyệt vời"

The yellow apricot-tree intersperses the green bamboo

Your love compare with mine beautifully

A view of Đầm Trầu beach

A view of Dam Trau beach

The talent man and the beautiful girl fell in love. Unluckily, Mr. Cầu - the father of Cau told him the truth that Miss Trầu had been the daughter of him and Mrs Bèo, so they were brother and sister. Miss. Trầu was the result of a secret love of Mr. Câu and Mrs. Bèo.

The secret was made known; they deep love then suddenly became a nightmare. Cau harboured a grudge and go to a small island. He lived there until died. People called that island "Hon Cau" ("Hòn Cau"). The place when he was dead then grew a green areca forest ripening in a riot of red.

 Đầm Trầu beach: simple, wind but attractive

Dam Trau beach: simple, wind but attractive

From the day he left, Miss Trầu frequently went to the cliff where they often met to wait for him. She was pregnant when she knew her mother's story. Hopeless and painful, she committed suicide. The dating place of the couple was called Dam Trau beach by the Co Ong people. They also created a song:

"Ai về nhắn với ông Câu

Hòn Cau cách bãi Đầm Trầu bao xa".

(Someone tell Mr. Câu that Hon Cau is not very far from Dam Trau beach.)

Nowadays, visiting Hon Cau and Dam Trau beach, tourists can enjoy the miraculous, green water as well as share the romantic but sad love story which has created a legend.

Source: simplevietnam.com

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