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The statue of Uncle Ho
in front of Ho Chi Minh
Museum in Phan Thiet

The gate of Duc Thanh School.

The classroom where President Ho Chi Minh gave lessons in 1910.

Inside the classroom where the President
gave lessons.

Duc Thanh School in Phan Thiet Town (Phan Thiet Province) is famous nationwide not only for its centenary of existence, but also because it sheltered President Ho Chi Minh when he worked there as a teacher.


In 1910, on his way to the South to find a way abroad and search for ways to save the country from the French invaders, President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked as a teacher at Duc Thanh School in Phan Thiet Town. For this historical value, the School has been preserved, together with other relics built nearby, to display the showpieces on the life and revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh, the World's Man of Culture and a beloved President of the Vietnamese people.


Duc Thanh school was built a century ago by Nguyen Thong, a poet and patriot at that time, in a poor fishing village by the Ca Ty River. At first, it was a small house, called Ngoa Du Sao, for the then local patriots and men of letters to gather and talk together, read books or recite poems. Among them were Phan Chu Trinh, Huynh Thuc Khang, Tran Qui Cap, and others. When Nguyen Thong died, his son, Nguyen Quy Anh, rebuilt the house into a primary school and named it "Duc Thanh", to educate the local children and disseminate patriotism among the young generation.


In 1910, young Nguyen Tat Thanh (later President Ho Chi Minh), was recommended by a patriot, Truong Gia Mo, to get a job at Duc Thanh school. At 20, Thanh was the youngest teacher at the school and he taught Vietnamese, Chinese and physical exercises, and also French, when the French teacher was busy.


Thanh had his own way of teaching. With Vietnamese lessons, he brought the pupils to the local beauty-spots and told them about their native place's beauty and potential. In the French class, he explained the lessons through the verses made in six-eight metre (poems in which the lines are alternately of six and eight feet) which are easy to remember. Through the lessons, Thanh taught his pupils to love their fellow-countrymen and their country. Many of his pupils later became famous, one of them was doctor Nguyen Kinh Chi, Vice-minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (present-day Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

Some of the President's personal belongings displayed at the Museum.


Duc Thanh School is preserved almost intact to its original design of a century ago. It includes the classroom where teacher Thanh lectured ; the boarding house where he and his pupils lived; the house where teacher Thanh used to read books and progressive newspapers and magazines. There is also a garden with a carambola tree which Thanh cared for in his free time, and a brick well nearby. (The inserted photos show some of the President's personal belongings displayed at the Museum).


On May 19, 1983, on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's 93 birthday, the Ho Chi Minh Museum was commenced in Phan Thiet, together with several other categories and the construction was completed three years later, on May 19, 1986. The entire complex covers an area of 7,000 square metres, including a museum to display more than 890 showpieces . With historical and cultural values, the site has attracted many visitors, domestic and foreign, who come for study and sight-seeing.


To welcome the President's 115th birthday on May 19, 2005, the site displayed more valuable showpieces relating to the life and work of the President, especially those about his youth. This shows the local people's respect and remembrance for the beloved President and his great contribution to the country.


Source: vietnam.vnanet.vn

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