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Going north from Đà Lạt and to Lạc Dương, turning left at milestone 7 in Tùng Lâm, visitors have to get along a rough road of 12 kilometers meandering through rolling pine hills or glossy grass fields before reaching Golden Stream lake. One hundred years ago, the first time setting foot on this area. Yersin ran shouting with joy like a little pupil. He was so stupefied by the dreamy and romantic landscape of original wild nature that later recommended the Governor General, P. Doumer to order the building of a health resort here.

Golden Stream lake consists of 2 small lakes: Dankia above and Ankroet below, and was formed by 2 Ankroet barrages holding back the Đa Dung River originating in Langbian Plateau. Nearby is a white Ankroet waterfall chosen by Governor General Decoux to build the first hydroelectricity station in Đà Lạt in 1942. 

Its capacity is 20 million cubic meters of water, besides supplying pure water for Đà Lạt, it operates generators of the hydroelectricity station of Ankroet with the power of 15 million kilowatt-hours per year. 
There is Golden Stream modern water plant, funded by Denmark and completed in 1984, having an output of 18.000 cubic meters per day. The product water is under regular tests by Preventive Health Center and is certified to meet hygiene standards. 

Dankia – Golden Stream has now been recognized in its real value. In the near future, together with Tuyền Lâm Lake area, it will be a favorite tourist spot, a welcome contrast to Đà Lạt, which has developed concretely in disorder to fret. A joint venture between Lâm Đồng province and a Singaporean business has planned to wake up this Dankia mountainous ‘girl’ with hundreds of small and large buildings set up on and round the lake, or pine hills, glossy grass … We are entitled to the hope that this place will bring attraction and seduction to a mythical region, which has always fascinated

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