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Hon Thom (Pineapple Islet) is one of the many harbours of Phu Quoc Island, which lies in the Gulf of Thailand, 45km from Ha Tien and 15km south of the coast of Cambodia.

However, compared to other harbours where international and domestic ships anchor, the small port city is arguably the most lively and crowded with some unique characters.

With an area of 400ha, Hon Thom has sloping seashore, white sand, coral reefs and about 110 fishermen. The primitive view of huge rocks, hills could easily worry tourists on their way to the islet.

However, as the boat draws nearer, the view takes a completely different turn. There is a crowded fishing village with different kinds of fishing boats. The area is said to be a good fishing place with a large number of shrimps and fishes. One can also see how a good fisherman dive and catch small groupers with bare hands. Next to the fishing boats are small rafts supplying marine products ranging from crabs to cuttlefishes to visitors.

 Source: yp.com.vn

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