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Come to visit the culture of homeland

Home is Au Lac, the country is Van Lang

Come to visit Van Hien Dai Nam

Bring the sacred four thousand years along when leaving.

This is four lines of poetry that you will first encounter when finding out about Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien tourist site. Although only four sentences but contain inside a greeting to visit and explore the place honoring the finest history of Vietnam.

Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien tourist site, called Dai Nam tourist site, located at An Hiep ward, Thu Dau Mot town, Binh Duong province and just about 45 minutes drive from HCM City. Dai Nam has a total area of 450 ha but at the time of 11/Sep/2008, only completed phase 1 and only 261 ha put into operation. It was started to construct on 25/Apr/1999, year of Cat by a successful businessman that is Huynh Phi Dung, is currently Chairman of Management Board cum General Director of Dai Nam holdings Co.

When come to Dai Nam, you'll really dazzle because of the majestic beauty and ancient architecture but still have modern trait today. Right from the first step, caught the eyes of tourists are hotels with architecture of Co Loa citadel and Hue court surrounded, with a length of 13.5 km – 5,000 rooms. But at this stage only 134 rooms were completed. As the architecture is citadel, with the statues of soldiers had brought the first feeling like turning back to the past of four thousand years of building nation and can not hide the pride that being a child of the country of Vietnam.

Step into Dai Nam gate, a fairy scenery appearing once again. A majestic temple, which is Dai Nam Van Hien, on the front is the lake with musical fountain has created a virtual, mysterious feeling. Deep inside, we encounter the blue Bao Giang river embrace the temple, with a length of 720m, contribute to make the temple more gracious. Behind the temple is mountain Bao Son, total length of 250m include 5 mountains of Metal - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth, with the highest one is about 65,7 m. Between the mountains is a 9-storey tower:

Storey 1: worship heroic martyrs of Vietnam.

Storey 2: where to show the gratitude to anonymous soldiers sacrificed for the country from the day of building nation to date.

Storey 3: ...

Storey 4: worship King Tran Hung Dao

Storey 5: worship National Heroines

Storey 6: worship peoples who had merit for the country

Storey 7: worship 18 Hung kings

Storey 8: worship Three worlds Council

Storey 9: worship Nation

Thus, the way of architectural "River on the front – Mountain on the back" bring more solemn, stunning beauty to Dai Nam made us feeling like standing on the fairy, soaring scenery...

At Dai Nam Van Hien temple, also known as Kim Dien, you'll delight in gold-inlaid bas-reliefs, express folk, history stories, inscribed on the timber and attached on 28 doors around Temple. Inside the temple is the worship place of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Hung king, and Uncle Ho. These statues is inlaid gold 24k so it reflects light in temple more bright and solemn. Besides, tourists can see the altar worshipping 54 brotherhood ethnic groups and over 1,000 Vietnamese family surnames. And one of the highlights of the temple is a pair of Dragon-Phoenix candles, with its height of each to 2,7 m and 90cm in diameter and can fire during 1,000 years. That proves Dai Nam is a great and cultural imbued destination through what have been seen.

So, there is no reasons for you not to come once to Dai Nam Van Hien to witness and feel the soul of Dai Nam Van Hien in particular and the soul of  country in general ...

And specially, Dai Nam has been recognized as the biggest temple which have the nature of cultural and largest Bao Son artificial mountain by Guiness Viet Nam. How pride to be a child of Viet land, don’t you?!

After the moments soaring with Dai Nam fairy scene, we together toward the entertainment area is located on the left when step out of the temple. Dai Nam takes you surprises by surprises again. Amusement park have more than 40 strong feeling games and folk games as well, there was also a 4D cinema. One day in Dai Nam is not really enough to discover all. Only a few games made you tired ... It is too large! But tourists can stop and take more energy in some restaurants distributed throughout the park, that is My Vy, Luong Son Quan, Italian restaurant ... And after the refreshment, tourists can walk on walking streets, the air here always busy and active. Visitors may tour the zoo with rare animals that listed on the red book such as white lion, Indochina tiger, Rhinoceros...

And there are many other interesting things that we did not have opportunity to discover all.

A place that tourists do not currently have opportunity to enjoy, that is Dai Nam sea, is not still complete yet but it promises to come into operation on Apr/2009. Dai Nam sea has the scale of 22 ha, the total water surface area is 25,000 m2, with capacity for 3,000 people. The sea has high waves, up to 1,6 meters along with the smooth white sand bank will make us forget this is artificial beach and really mingle to the nature. Only these make us feel eager to come here for pleasurably playing.

Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien tourist site has been converged culture – history of four thousand years of the country. Come here you will have opportunity to learn more about the origin of the nation and in addition, Dai Nam will bring you much joy through quite new forms of entertainment. And actually there are many other attractive things await you.



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