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Location: Dong Loc Road Junction is situated in Dong Loc Commune, Can Loc District, Ha Tinh Province.
Characteristics: During the war against the United States, Dong Loc Road Junction was a point of the connection between the North and Ho Chi Minh Trail. 

The intersection of provincial roads 5 and 15 used to be the main junction of the supply line during the war against the United States. American aircrafts heavily bombarded the area in repeated efforts to destroy the junction. The less than 20km section of road underwent 2,057 air bombardments.

A unit of ten young female volunteers, aged 17 to 20 and led by Vo Thi Tan, was assigned to keep the road open to traffic. Despite repeated heavy bombardments, they stayed at their post, using only shovels and hoes to level bomb craters. They were all tragically killed during an air attack on July 24, 1968.

A monument engraved with the names of the ten heroines was erected on a hill at the Dong Loc Road Junction.



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