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Scientists recognized that the natural resources of Nui Chu National Park in Ninh Thuan Province are not only abundant and diverse in biological elements but also have the endemic, rare, precious and valuable characteristics, very useful to scientific research and protection of the gene resource and contribute economic benefits, especially the eco-tourism.


Beautiful cliffs in different shapes are
very attractive to visitors.

Vinh Hy Bay with great economic and tourist potential.

A unique landscape in Nui Chua area.

Children in Nui Chua area.




Green colour in the desert


From Phan Rang City, we went towards the Cham Tower to visit Nui Chua National Park . Although the road is only over 20km long, it took us a long time to go because we had to pass through a sloping path near the mountain cliffs and through forests of low trees. The character of the forests at this area is that they have many thorny trees with few leaves. Some people say that the forests in Nui Chua are like the forests of bonsai trees. Along the trek there are scenes of mountains overlapping mountains and rocks overlapping rocks. The landscape is so beautiful that we stopped many times to contemplate and take photographs.


Pham Van Xiem, Head of the eco-tourism and environmental education department of Nui Chua National Park, who has been connected with Nui Chua area for 15 years, said that Ninh Thuan Province, lying at the end of the Truong Son Range, is considered “a desert” of Vietnam. Nui Chua National Park is a typical example. It can be easily seen that in most areas in the province and by the trails, there are rows of cacti growing on the hill and mountain slopes. The trees growing on the rocky land look scrawny but full of vitality. At Nui Chua National Park, there is a forest of apricot trees. Due to the arid soil, the apricot trees look like bonsai trees, but in spring they are in yellow blossom, producing a beautiful landscape. The typical apricot variety of this area is Hong mai which has red flowers, some of which have up to 13 petals.


A biodiversity area


Nui Chua area consists of an array of mountains, of them the highest peak is Co Tuy Mountain at an altitude of 1,039m above sea level. Right at the centre of Nui Chu National Park there is a high mountain range called Nui Chua anh (elder brother) and Nui Chua em (younger brother) at an altitude of over 1,000m above sea level, which causes a big difference in temperature compared with the coastal area, making a temperate area amidst the desert.


Nui Chua has a rich flora with 1,265 varieties of plants, of which 390 varieties are medicinal plants, over 100 varieties belong to bonsai trees and many varieties are edible. It also has a diverse fauna with 306 species of vertebrate animals, including many rare and precious animals, such as the black-shanked douc, white-collared bear, puma and japuar.


Nui Chua National Parkhas an area of 29,865ha, including 22,513ha of land and 7,352ha of sea. It has a complex of mountains lying near the coastline, called Nui Chua. Its terrain is highly sloping and divided by streams. The climate is dry compared with other localities in Ninh Thuan Province . The average annual rainfall is below 800mm; the rainy season starts in September and ends in November. The dry season lasts nine months.




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Mountains, hills of beautiful stones

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