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Location: Ong Ich Khiem Tomb is located in Hoa Tho’s Cemetery, Hoa Vang District, Danang, about 10km southwestwards from the city’s center.
Characteristic: Ong Ich Khiem Tomb was recognized as a national historical relic by Ministry of Culture and Information on the 12th July 2001.

Ong Ich Khiem, his courtesy name of Muc Chi, was born on the 21st December of Mau Ty year (1829) at Phong Le Village, Thanh Quyt Ward, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province (now called Phong Le Bac Village, Hoa Tho Commune, Hoa Vang District).

He passed the bachelor exam in the Thieu Tri’s reign (1847), and became a mandarin in Tu Duc’s reign. He was famous for his intelligence and truthfulness. Being a talented and strategic general, he was instrumental in commanding troops to protect Danang city since French colonists began to attack and invade the territory on the 1st September 1858. Under Nguyen Tri Phuong’s management, he consolidated many posts such as Nhat post in Hai Van pass, Lien Tri, Phong Le posts and entrenched from Hai Chau to Phuoc Ninh. He died on the July 19th, 1884 in Binh Thuan Province. His son Ong Ich Thien brought and buried his father’s body in his hometown Phong Le Village. And then he moved the grave to Go Mo.

The tomb was built in octagonal shape, it is 13.8m long, 6.1m wide and surrounded by 0.72m high walls. The grave is 4.75m long, 3.5m wide and 0.35m high. On the 0.83m high and 0.54m wide granite stele with dragon, phoenix and flora designs there carved these words: “Hoang Trieu – Hien to Binh bo ta thi lang, tan phong Kien trung Nam linh mo. Bao Dai thap tam nien, tu nguyet, kiet nhat”.



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