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A journey to the ‘peak of death’

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Tourists exploring Gia Lai Province are not likely to know the history of the Chu Pao mountain range near National Highway No.14.

Coming from Pleiku, it is best to head north to see the mountain range, which is located 17-kilometers from the city of Kontum.

During the rainy season, the mountains are covered in greenery from grass and trees.
Chu Pao simply means mountain according to the Ede ethnic people but the mountain range was nicknamed the “peak of death” and “dead height in Highway 14” during the American War. From 1972-1975, the liberation troops and the South Vietnamese army fought over the mountain range in order to control Highway 14. The liberation troops seized the peak in March of 1975 to attack Pleiku, but ended up attacking Buon Ma Thuot on the southern side of the Central Highlands instead.

Source SaigonTimes

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