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Art Of Gong In Gia Lai

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Gong is not a special musical instrument only in Vietnam, but also in many other countries. However, for peoples in Tay Nguyen (Tây Nguyên), Vietnam, it becomes a sacred object connecting closely with human spiritual life.

 Performing gongs in Gia Lai 
Performing gongs in Gia Lai 

Gia Rai people and Ba Na people - 02 peoples occupy the generality in Gia Lai, they do not consider gong as only a musical instrument, but also a means by that they can get in touch with Gods on festivals. In Gia Lai, gong is called "ching" by Gia Rai people. However, each region has different names such as Gia Rai Chor people (at Ayun Pa, Ia Pa) call it "Chinh du", Gia Rai Arap (at Chu Pah) call gongs without buttons by "ching", gongs with buttons by "chieng" ("chiêng") and when they merger together into a set of gongs, they will be called "ching chieng" ("ching chiêng").
 Coming to Gia Lai, you should visit inherited property Mo H''ra belonging to Kon Long Khong commune, K''Bang suburban, which still stores such a lot of cultural characters of Ba Na people that you cannot find out anywhere.
Gongs have become valuable assets to Gia Rai people and Ba Na people for a long time. In addition, they are a symbol of spiritual wealth on these peoples because according to their opinions, any family which has a lot of small jars and gongs is worthy holding the position of a chieftain of their village.

The beating way of Gia Rai people observes the traditional beating way that is each person beats one and everybody carry out combined well-balanced operations in a team using one or many sets of gongs.

Mo H''ra village has about 40 valuable sets of gongs, among that, the most famous kind is Honh gong. You are very surprised when you can see that from 7-year-old children to the elderly, everyone can beats gongs. Among them, there are some people can play ancient melodies such as "Eating cattle - Sapo", "Welcome new rice, new mountain field - Sa moc", "Grave visiting festival - Atau", ... This village has not only gongs, but is also the place storing a lot of special customs for a long time.


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