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Dankia in Dalat attracting tourism investors

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The area of mountains, pine forest, meadow and lakes, which is not far away from Dalat city’s centre, is called Dankia. In recent years, Dankia has become an attractive destination for investors to tourism development.

Dankia in Dalat

A new road linking Da Lat with Dankia has been built. Right at the one end of the road, a tourist project called Cam Ly – Mang Linh has been formed and viewed as a leading way to Dankia. The site, on an area of nearly 800 hectares, features regular cultural and artistic performances given by the Central Highlanders, folk games, and food and drink culture.

Travellers have a good chance to stay at bungalows at the site that they can rent permanently or register to stay for several months as they want, a new service opened in Vietnam for the first time.

From Cam Ly – Mang Ling, the new road takes tourists to Dankia. Before stopping at Dankia Dalat, an ideal destination for tourists to have a rest is Suoi Vang (Golden Stream) Lake – Golden Valley. The lake was formed by Ankroet hydro-electric power dams and surrounded by hills.

In 1984, shortly after a water plant funded by Denmark was put into operation there, the area became an attractive site for those who wanted to discover how to operate the modern water plant.

The Golden Stream Lake – the Golden Valley tourist site is expected to consist of five functional areas: a central area on 10 hectares, a royal palace area on a hill top, a “duck and female duck” village area on an eastern hill top, a guesthouse area and a primeval pine forest area.

Along the road in this tourist site, stone statues and caves will be built to describe fairy tales about romantic love between boys and girls from the Lac, Chi and K’Ho ethnic minority people.

Beside the Golden Stream Lake – the Golden Valley stands the Dankia Lake that has great potential for tourism development. This is an ideal place for relaxation. There are many villages of ethnic minority groups with typical cultural identity located near the site.

The construction of a project named “Dankia – a Romantic City” has started, attracting leading investors from Japanese Mitsubishi, Sumitama, Limtec and Misul.

Source: footprintsvietnam.com

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