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The legend behind Darahoa’s massive rooster

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Located about eight kilometers from Prenn Pass as the road nears Da Lat, the village of Darahoa is home to more than 300 households of the ethnic minorities K’Ho and Chill centered around a massive statue of a rooster.

Darahoa is located at the foot of Voi (Elephant) Mountain and has become a frequented stop among tours to the Central Highland province of Lam Dong.The village, which has long been known for weaving tho cam (ethnic fabric), has now become known by visitors for an impressive cement statue of a large nine-spurred rooster standing atop a 1.5-meterhigh base in the village center.The rooster statue measures 3.2 meters in height and weights around eight tons.It was designed and built in 1978 by Lu Truc Phuong, an architect from Da Lat who is known for architectural works such as Ho Rong (Dragon Lake) and Duong Len Trang coffee shop (Road to the Moon).

Authorized by the local government to design and build a work to supply clean water for the Darahoa villagers, Phuong contemplated how to build not only a public work but also a cultural symbol bearing the ethnic identity of the village.The nine-spurred rooster statue was created based on the local legend of a young K’ho man and a Chill girl.Legend has it that a long time ago there was a beautiful, yet poor Chill girl named Ho Bong who fell in love with a strong and rich K’ho man named K’Tien who was a gifted hunter.Most of the villagers gave the young couple their blessing and wished to see them wed.However, K’Tien’s father was a rich and greedy miser that would not accept a poor girl like Ho Bong into his family.According to custom, the groom's family has the right to demand wedding gifts from the bride's family.So, K’Tien’s father told Ho Bong that her family must offer him 50 sarongs and a large quantity of buffaloes and cows, gongs and small jars.Loving Ho Bong very much, K’Tien worked hard to help her acquire these items for her to offer his father.Worried that the young couple would meet his demands K’Tien’s father made an additional request for a nine-husked elephant and a nine-spurred rooster, aiming to make Ho Bong abandon her dream of marrying his son.To help Ho Bong, K’Tien went into the jungle to seek an elephant with nine tusks and a cock with nine spurs while Ho Bong stayed at home and prayed for her lover.One night, Ho Bong saw in a dream K’Tien suffering from an accident in the jungle.She awoke with a startle and hurried off to find him.

After desperately running and running through the dark, dense jungle, Ho Bong finally found her mortally wounded lover.She held K’Tien in her arms until he passed away.Broken with sorrow, Ho Bong stayed with his body and sobbed until she died of exhaustion and starvation.Mourning over the couple's death, a herd of wild elephants surrounded them and prostrated themselves around the bodies of the couple.The elephants became petrified with grief and turned to stone.The site where the elephants died is now Elephant Mountain, where the rock formations look like a herd of lying elephants.Based upon that sorrowful tale, Lu Truc Phuong built the nine-spurred rooster statue in the center of Darahoa Village to remind the villagers of the harmful affects of greed and the power of love.The rooster statue is a symbol of the villager's unity.Located in the base of the statue is a working water pump that supplies the villagers with clean water.Those who visit Darahoa will have the chance to contemplate the impressive rooster statue and the symbolism behind it as well as watching tho cam being made while learning how to make it.Furthermore, there are a wide range of products made from tho cam for sale such as sarongs, handbags, rucksacks and other souvenir items.

Contact any travel agents that provide tours to Da Lat about whether Darahoa is included in the tour itinerary.

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