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Early morning on Lagi Beach

Photo of Entry:  Early morning on Lagi Beach

While the sun is still sleeping and it is not yet dawn with the weak light of the crescent moon, Lagi beach has been awakened by the noise of fishermen, shouts of salesmen and the murmur of couples. Lagi beach seems to be busy very early in the morning.

About 200 kilometers from HCMC, the beach is located in  the new town Lagi in Binh Thuan Province’s Ham Tan District, hence its name. Lagi beach promises to be a fresh, vital tourist destination on the Vietnam tourism map in the near future.


Currently, the beach also attracts thousands of tourists every year with its charms and low priced services. For those who want to experience a slight cool breeze, the murmur of the waves and the stirring of life on the beach, an early wake-up and short walk will satisfy them.


The fishermen who have finished a night’s work in a small fishing boat are selling fresh seafood to salesman in the beach. Meanwhile the salesmen are hastening to set up a fresh seafood market to supply tourists who wish to buy and cater themselves for their holiday.


Together with the noise of the market, the beach is aroused by shouts of services providers of tables, chairs, hammocks and sunshades and a catering area. They all have to wake up early to get ready for the tourists. Among them are the still half-asleep children, dragging buoys to the beach to lease out so they can earn a living.   


The beach is full of life by the time it is flooded with morning sunlight. Some tourists come to do exercises along the coast, some kids play football, others take a walk to enjoy the dawn  while others go swimming to experience the buoyant feeling of the morning sea.


After relaxing in Lagi beach, tourists can find some tranquil moments in Thay Thim Palace in Ham Tien Commune, about 10 kilometers away. Situated in the middle of a quiet deciduous forest, flanked by verdant rice fields and white dunes and completely separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the palace was recognized in 1997 as a national heritage monument. It attracts hundreds of tourists every weekend, especially during the Thay Thim Cultural Festival for Buddhist pilgrims that will take place next week. The festival week is during the middle of the ninth lunar month annually. It is an historical, cultural, architectural and religious experience.


Apart from the simple life in Lagi beach and the sacred life in Thay Thim Palace, travelers can also enjoy relaxing moments in nearby luxurious Mom Da Chim Resort (The Bird Rock Resort). The named was inspired by large rocks with flat surfaces worn out by the sea waves, which are a gathering place for many sea bird species. The resort is a high-tech complex with a 160-room hotel, restaurant, and playground for kids as well as luxury spa. 


Mom Da Chim is a completely relaxing space where you can swim in the sea, soak in the pool, rest in a beach chair, relax in the spa and enjoy fresh seafood from the ocean. You can also sit on the smooth rock to hear the waves crashing onto the shore and enjoy the view of sunset.

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