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Traveling to the land of dragon fruit

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The coastal province of Binh Thuan is more than just a resort destination; it is also the land of dragon fruits.

The sweet and cool dragon fruit has become a specialty of the region and can often be found at dessert stations in hotels and resorts in town. In addition to serving fresh dragon fruits, some resorts prepare them in dishes that differentiate their kitchen from others and organize tours of dragon fruit gardens. The tours help travelers better understand the fruit and how farmers grow them.

Regardless of the season, visitors are sure to see baskets brimming with dragon fruits on sale in small pavilions along the road leading to the resort city of Phan Thiet.According to locals, dragon fruit came to the region nearly 30 years ago. Residents initially grew the fruit for ancestral offerings and decor due to their eye-catching appearance.Today, locals recognize the economic potential of dragon fruit and have expanded production immensely.

Dragon fruits are now grown on large-scale farms spanning thousands of hectares throughout the region. The region's dragon fruit has its own brand name and is shipped throughout the country and the world.

According to local farmers, the best season for growing dragon fruits has traditionally been between March and August. However, with the help of technology, farmers today can grow the fruit year-round, which is why one often sees bright lights shining upon dragon fruit gardens at night along the road to Mui Ne.

Farmers light their gardens during the off-season when prices for dragon fruit are considerably higher. Depending on the season, prices can vary from VND4,000 to VND10,000 per kilogram.

Source Vietnamnet

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