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Sailing on Quang Nam rivers

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Someday, when the love for rivers and lakes suddenly rises up, all what a visitor to Quang Nam Province has to do is to carry his backpack to a pier, wave for boat, and then have a romantic sailing along the river without having to book for the tour at any travel agent.

Although waterway is not the developed transport in the province, many vessels are still gliding on large rivers all day long.


Visitor can sail down to the South on the boundless and ever-blue Truong Giang River, or go upstream on the Thu Bon to explore the widths and depths of the height in mountains and the vast waters of the central land. While midway on the Thu Bon River, one can change his mind, steering their trip to the Vu Gia River, or Bung or Cai rivers to go through the land of a famous tropical fruit known as nam tran.


Visiting villages and piers along those rivers is worthwhile though some places have yet to be listed on any tourist maps. If Phu Thuan Village by the Thu Bon River reminds a peaceful dream, Ca Tang pier suggests travelers of the anger of sea-gods.


Therefore, people here love rowing along rivers to explore natural lessons of tolerance, bravery, tenderness, generosity, and then to understand other theories in their daily life.


Floating on a ferry, a visitor is really an eco-tourist without any worries of hotel accommodation or necessities. Each ferry is a small market and a ferrywoman is an enthusiastic tour guide. They will bring their guests a treasure of stories about rivers, life, daily burden, sadness and happiness.


Moreover, travelers will spend the most pleasurable time taking a nap in the summer breeze, dreaming of a fairyland among tender river weaves. In addition, local specialties such as boiled corn and peanuts, fresh fruits, and a tasty grilled meat roll are always ready on board or at some piers along the way at any time.


Traveling without a tour guide is trendy for people who love wild nature and adventures. With many mysteries and nice surprises, sailing on rivers in Quang Nam Province will be a trip like no others.

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