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Southern village in central Quang Nam

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In a hot summer noon, Dai Binh Village looks like a green oasis nestled along the Thu Bon River overwhelmed with sunlight. Nowadays, Dai Binh, also known as the southern village of Quang Nam Province, welcomes tourists with its murmur of springs, breezes and sweet fragrance of durian.

Local women usually wait for travelers at the entrance to the village circled by bamboo hedges and bushy trees. They never forget to introduce to guests a village with the friendly people and many kinds of fruits.


Despite a small village in Que Trung Commune in Nong Son District with only 282 families, Dai Binh proves itself as a southern fruit orchard with thousands of star-fruit trees.


Nowadays, a fruit tree locally known as tru as a type of star-fruit has become a specialty of the village together with durian, thin-skinned sweet orange or mandarin orange. A grassroots officer of Que Trung Commune says that local fruits have become famous throughout the country although they have yet to be evaluated by any specialists to date.


Tru fruits are served as an appetizer at most fruits parties there thanks to attractive pinkish pieces covered by thin peels. Visitors will get refreshment with a mild sour and sweet taste of tru before going on with other specialties such as rambutan, plum, guava, mangosteen, and durian.


Although a Dai Binh durian is smaller than that in the Mekong Delta, it still attracts tourists with a sweeter taste and fragrance. Besides, dragon fruit and guava have also contribute to the "fruit restaurant" there all year round.


At a garden, visitors will enjoy tropical fruits with tea in a right style of a southern province after going for a walk, taking pictures, and picking fruits by themselves. They only have to pay for fruits they pick, and even always get some free ones from a generous garden owner.


Phan Thi Suong, 78, is a hospitable tour guide by offering guests a warm space with fresh fruits, and stories of the peaceful village during the wartime. Sometimes, she will sing a folk song to visitors like an enthusiastic tour guide of Dai Binh Village.

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