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From Nghinh Phong Cape or Jesus Christ’s Statue facing to the sea, Hon Ba is the small islet where the sea waves around lovely.

It’s about 200m far from the foot of Small Mount. In 1881, a man named Ho Quang Minh who came from the middle of Vietnam funded to build a small temple in this islet called Mieu Ba (Lady Temple).

In 1939, the French colonialist officer named Archinard shot 3 bullets to destroy this temple but only one hit a corner of the temple. Then he died because of careless in using gun so the French colonialists named the temple of Archinard but always in the mind of the local habitants it is Hon Ba.

In 1971, a man named Thanh Phong from Tra Vinh province collected the money to renovate this temple. Now, the open air part of temple is 4m high in which is the worship to the spirits, its basement is 3mx6m in size, where used to be hidden meeting place of the patriotic Vietnamese compatriots fight against the Imperialism and the Colonialism.

When the tide go down, we could step along the uneven stones to the islet. On the first and the fifteen days of the lunar months, people always incense to pray for the lucky chances at this temple.

What a wonderful landscape!

Source: bariavungtautourism.com.vn

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