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Trạng Trình, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm the Historical place of interest was built in Trung Am Village, Lý Học Commune, Vĩnh Bảo District, Hải Phòng City.

It comprises of nine sightseeing places, namely: Kinh Thien Pen Town, Trạng Trình Temple, Display room and the Grave of Trạng Trìnhhhhs Parents, Am Bạch Vân, Trạng Trìnhhhhs statue, semicircular lake, Song Mai Pagoda. The ancestor house has Minh Nguyệt lady statue, stele and Trung Tân Quán. Total area is 4ha, from Temple to Hàn River.

It is said that pupil extolling the talent of Trạng Trình builds up Kinh Thiên Pen Town, as a pillar propping up the sky.

This Temple was built on the old foundation of Trạng Trìnhhhhs house since 1765. As time elapsed and due to war destruction, the temple was ruined but re-built and restored many times. It has three- front praying rooms, two-harem rooms. There are two round and square lakes in front of temple, symbolizing the sky and the land. In the temple sitting Trạng Trình Statue in Court clothes. The big calligraphic in horizontal lacquered board is hanged  right in the middle of the temple with four characters "An Nam Lý Học" taken from "An Nam Lý Học Hữu Trình Truyền", that means Trạng Trình was the very the person who was well -read in  An Nam dedicated by Chu San envoy under the Thanh dynasty (Chana) . Especially, there are some parallel sentences clearly expressing his  opinions about the state of affairs and that of the posterity praising his merits.

The display room is about his biography, career and contributions in literature, philosophy, teaching and the posterity 's respect. More notably is  the Bạch Vân Thi Tập (Bach Vannnns Poems)

The Trạng Trình Statue,5.7 m high, 8.5 tons in weight was made from granite stone. It is in the seating position with a book in hand, pensively thinking about the current world.  Costumes look simple as of the heartfelt Confucian. The semicircular lake is about 1000m2. The grave of his parents  is not very far from the temple. These three constructions have just been built in a 415-commemoration year  of his death. Legend has it that Song Mai Pagoda is the place where Trạng Trình used to go to worship and also the very place he told the Trịnh Lordddds envoy, say:  "Keeping the pagoda, worshiping Buddha will be given truncated-cone-shaped cakes to eat" (or   not to usurp the throne of Lê King).

Adjacent to the pagoda is the ancestor house where placing Minh Nguyệt lady statue, the wife of Trạng Trình,  a woman from Đồ Sơn  who had great contributions along with him  founding  this pagoda.

Bạch Vân Small Temple: After serving 8 years as a mandarin in the court, he petitioned to the King to unveil eighteen greedy mandarins.  Disappointed with the Mạc Kinggggs refusal, he left the court to his native place where he starting his teaching and set up Bạch Vân Small Temple . A lot of scholars considered Bạch Vân Small Temple as a big progressive Private University of our country at that time.

Finally is Quán Trung Tân. Trung means in the  middle; Tân is wharf; Bến Giữa means to be fair, good deed that  will help be successful. The Stone stele 1,5m high, 4 tons in weight, was complete on 21 December 2000,and donated by Vietnam General Department of Tourism. The content in the stele meanssss the Goodddd and that is also Trang Trinhhhhs viewpoint in life.


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