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The area of Trang Kenh historical relic and scenic site located in Minh Duc Town, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City has been known not only for its historical and cultural depth but also for the impressive landscape that created by a system of limestone mountains and rivers.

Trang Kenh, an ancient land known as a famous archaeological site, is still being underground maintained. According to researches, at the early of metallic period 4,000 years ago, Trang Kenh was the biggest stone jewelry manufacturing workshop in the North East of Vietnam. At that time, Trang Kenh inhabitants made colorful, sophisticated stone jewelry such as: bracelets, earrings, necklaces with their great dexterity. Based on archaeological works, archaeologists conceded that 4,000 years ago Trang Kenh was really a stone instruments manufacturing workshop with a big scale; its products were not only exchanged in domestic markets but also transferred to North East Asian countries and South East Asian countries.

During the period of founding and defending country, this land was considered as a shield against foreign aggression. Historical marks show that, Trang Kenh was an important battlefield of the Bach Dang Sea battle in 1288 that commanded by General Tran Hung Dao defeated Chinese Mongolian aggressions. Historical geographic names as U Bo, Hoang Ton, Phuong Hoang Mountains, Bach Dang sea-gate, vestiges of bamboo stakes battlefields and geographic names as Ang Ho, Ang Lac indicated that this land had marked a battleground against aggression prepared by army and people of Tran Dynasty. Now, under Hoang Ton mountain that belongs to Trang Kenh mountains system, there placed a temple that worshiped a general of Tran Dynasty. It is Tran Quoc Bao Temple. Tran Quoc Bao who belonged to Tran royal family deserved credit for defeating aggression in Bach Dang battlefield in 1288. When he died, local people built the temple to respect for him. Pursuant to the content of the stone stele erected in the Eighth Year of Vinh To under the reign of King Le Than Tong (1626), the temple was built in the best view place of Hai Duong Province.

For a very long time, the historical geographic name Trang Kenh - Bach Dang has been put in subconscious of Hai Phong people as a remembrance of the great victory of against foreign aggression over 7 centuries ago. Along with other valuable cultural and historical heritages, Trang Kenh - the land of Minh Duc Town, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City was reckoned as a cultural and historical relic and a place of scenic beauty in 1962.

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