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"Oh! There!, Ninh Kieu wharf of Can Tho
How lovely the ancient Cage house is!"

Ninh Kieu Wharf
The station on Hai Ba Trung road is under the administration of Tan An precinct, Ninh Kieu urban district (in the centre of Can Tho City). The wharf lasts from Bungalov to fruit market area. At the side of the river bank locates pier to provinces in the Southwest.

Looking over from the wharf, a turning point of Can Tho and Hau rivers becomes visible. The other bank is situated Chai village with a large number of fishermen. The wharf concentrates "cage houses of Can Tho market" - a regional large market taking first function since 1909; the State Bank of Vietnam - Can Tho Branch (formerly Bank L'Indochine); Tay Ho Hotel built in 1923 and location filled with restaurants the one next to the other, etc. For all these reasons, the wharf as in the old name "Cam Thi Giang" (Cam Thi river) is pervasively known the place of charm and bustling trade - service zone in comparison with other places surrounding. Long time ago, this place ranked destination for merchants from localities. Several big ship owners in six Southern provinces took a halt at the wharf before going to Nam Vang (Phnom Penh) by sea.

Presently, the area adjoining Can Tho and Ninh Kieu park transpires the busiest trading rate of the city. The lively life happens all day in Can Tho quay. There international hotels, restaurants, Ninh Kieu hotel, and so on. are embraced in sites attracting visitors, particularly those from distant regions and foreigners in tours.
The 7,665 sq.m Ninh Kieu park is equipped with modern illumination system, ornamental plants and grass covers harmoniously arranged along two river banks and paths. The Ninh Kieu park also operates as an entertainment place.

When Can Tho town was established in 1876, the wharf was called "Trading wharf" (Quai de Commerce), or Hoang Duong wharf by the resident living around. As stated in the ancient documents that "at that time, Can Tho river wharf was definitely wide without any impact from human beings. There rows of poplars reflecting in the charming river".

In 1954, it was once again renamed "Le Loi wharf" which reminds the victory over Ming troops by Le Loi as stated in the book "Binh Ngo dai cao" like "Tuy Dong abounding in corpses on the ground and Ninh Kieu occurring flows of blood as if river". Therefore, after improvements, the official name Ninh Kieu wharf came into sight on August 14th 1958.


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Ninh Kieu Pier - Can Tho’s backpacker quarter

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