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Ong pagoda was in institution by efforts of a segment of Hoa people in two chief towns Quang Chau and Trieu Khanh of Quang Dong, China in 1894 - 1896 for worshipping Quan Cong. This 532 sq.m pagoda stays in Hai Ba Trung road (Tan An precinct belonging to Ninh Kieu wharf area) in east - west direction.
In respect of architecture, it deeply carries out Chinese architecture since almost elements consisting of stone pillars, underpinning, purling, etc., were brought from Wangdoung. It’s shaped as "Quoc" character (old Han script) where including closed ranges of apartments locating quadrate one another and a space in the centre called Thien Tinh (open well).

Main worship apartment in Ong pagoda
Foto: Nguyen Hanh
The pagoda's most important apartment leaves in sanctum where main duty staying in worshipping Quan Cong in the main altar (in the midst), respecting Tho Dia (God of the soil) and Thien Hau Thanh Mau on the right, as well as Dong Vinh first doctorate candidate and Tai Bach Tinh Quan on right hand additionally. In front of sanctuary are six incense-tables including three grind-stone tables built in 1974 carrying bronze urns dated 1896 and three relief characters "Hiep thien cung" written in Han script; the rear row lays three wood-framed and glass-surfaced tables kept gold-plated relievo. The rest rows perform adoring Goddess of Mercy and receiving guesses of the pagoda's administrative section.

Despite the unique and gaudy appearance, the Ong pagoda is deep in ancient property. Factually, sophisticated carving items place the pagoda to be both solemn and bright. Moreover, the relic is put in celebrated quality through its great arts and religious value through calligraphy in model of "Trien" and "Thao" engraved in horizontal lacquered boards, pots, urns, bronze bells, etc.

In respect of faith and religion, the faith stands out for the more frequency than the religion. Personalities given adoration becomes various as if "mishmash-like modern popular religion reality" in the book "Hoa people in South Vietnam" by Tsai-Maw-Kuey. The Ong pagoda brings not only religious services but also cultural and educational doings of the Hoa for sustaining traditional cultural values like wood sculpture and calligraphy.

With regards to historical meanings, in the war against the American troops, it is in the pagoda the Hoa gave cover to revolutionary soldiers whose secret deeds done inner the city. Obviously, that precious assistance has helped tighten the Hoa - Viet friendship in the struggle against the national liberation and building.
As a place carrying historical and architectural values, the Ong pagoda was recognised cultural historical relic by Ministry of Culture and Information (MOCI) on June 21st 1993.

Festivals in Ong pagoda

Of all festivals occurring all year round, Tet Nguyen Dan is the biggest-organised one. Besides, some other festivals are also held in Ong pagoda, as follows:
- Birthday of main deity Phuc Duc (sir Bon) occurring on 2nd of the second month every lunar year
- Birthday of Thien Hau Thanh Mau on 23rd of the third month every lunar year
- Birthday of Quan Cong on 24th of the sixth every lunar year
- Birthday of Tai Bach Tinh Quan (Deity Tai) on 22nd of the seventh month every lunar year


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