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Despite being a small city, Hue has been remarkably contributing to culture of Vietnam. Hue architecture is much impressive with mausoleums and its nature that are in great harmony. It would be a mistake without mentioning Hue music. To be in line with Hue architecture and music are Hue cuisine specialties that are simple but greatly attractive to local and overseas tourists.

Hue is an exception in terms of weather in comparison to that of the South and North of Vietnam. Its winter lasts quite long with whole-week rains. Nevertheless, the sky is pretty blue on sunny days in this season. Its summer is pretty hot, little rainy, storms are often accompanied by floods.

Movement in the city

Bike is the most ideal means of transport since it fits Hue's featured trait of slow pace. Renting of motorbikes or bikes may be done at hotels or at the cross-road Nguyen Tri Phuong (Nguyễn Tri Phương) - Hung Vuong (Hùng Vương).
Once choosing motorbike to be your means of transportation, never turn right at any cross-roads, otherwise you will be fined.

Boating on Huong (Hương) river

Visiting mausoleums by boat is called "a city tour". This tour may last for whole day. Destinations of this tour would be: Thien Mu (Thiên Mụ) pagoda, King Tu Duc (Tự Đức) mausoleum, King Khai Dinh (Khải Định) mausoleum, King Minh Mang (Minh Mạng) mausoleum, Hon Chen (Hòn Chén) palace.

King Khai Dinh or Tu Duc mausoleum is only 1km from the river, tourists may alternatively take a walk there if do not want to reach there by boat.

Boat can be hired once you are there on your own, just keep in direct touch with boat owner at Toa Kham (Toà Khâm) pier on Le Loi (Lê Lợi) street, near Ho Chi Minh museum, or Dap Da (Đập Đá) pier, near Huong Giang (Hương Giang) hotel.

Music-on-boat at night in Hue should be very interesting and typically Hue. If you really want to enjoy a mere Hue music, do not forget to remind any service suppliers regarding your desire. Each session lasts for about one and a half hour with an 8-to-10- musician -and-singer orchestra and an 8-to-10-act program. Hue's music could be best enjoyed with tourists in group.


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