The curing spring

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Thirty years ago, a hot mineral spring was discovered in a rice field near the central town of Hue. The spring soon became known for its medicinal effects.

By 2000 the health spa at My An was developed into a tourism resort. 


My An resort is in a windy farming area surrounded by rice fields.


It has many spacious gardens covering the three-hectare area and is graced with seven nha ruong (houses of the former feudal capital of Hue, with carved wooden beams and pillars).


The facilities include 15 well-equipped rooms with pools, fishponds, gymnasiums and hot bathing areas.


Many visitors, including foreigners, have had unforgettable experiences during their health retreats.


Nguyen Thuy Ngoc from Hanoi said his chronic high blood pressure was improved after a three-day trip to My An.


“It’s surprising I’ve gotten better so soon,” Ngoc said.


Research headed by Professor Pham Khac Lam from Hue Medicine University proved My An resort’s hot spring contains a source of minerals essential for the human body, comparable with popular mineral springs worldwide like Koundour in Russia or Paven Banis in Bulgaria.


Many studies, some of which have been ratified by the Health Ministry, reached similar conclusions, saying My An mineral water reinforces the metabolism, eliminates toxins and aging chemicals and accelerates healing.


The water is also a medicine for the body’s biological systems reducing the effects of chronic hypertension, nervous breakdown, arthritis, skin diseases and infections.


Tourists across the country are discovering My An as a revitalizing vacation destination to enjoy with family and friends.

Source ThanhnienNews

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