The purple of Hue (Huế)

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Referring to Hue, people often mention in purple national long dress of Hue girls which people love Hue also call that color as Hue purple color. Nobody knows when purple color was selected to wear by Hue women, but purple color is selected as uniforms of Dong Khanh (Đồng Khánh) schoolgirls long since. In afternoons, on Trang Tien (Tràng Tiền) bridge, the slender appearance of Hue girls makes so many boys amazed. For this reason, there is a folk-song as below:

"Quang (Quảng) boy comes to Hue to take an examination
Seeing a Hue girl, so he cannot take leave of Hue"

Sắc tím xứ Huế 

Hue women have the conception that purple color in a hot zone as Hue becomes a cool and elegant color which looks not sad, but smiling. It is not too profound like the smell of jasmine, but just delicate like the smell of orchid which is ordinary and tender. Therefore, women usually wear clothes with this color on occasions of common communication or on death anniversary after leaving off mourning. From the years 30, 40 of this century, Hue schoolgirls chose purple color when making uniforms. Hue purple does not mention only the color, but it also mention in the people. Hue purple color rises from profound sense of Hue people. However, this purple color cannot become fine arts unless it is covered on the graceful body of Hue girl by Huong (Hương) river.

"When wandering by Huong river in a afternoon

I saw a purple national long dress

Gentle in sunlight

How a lovely purple color ..."

(the above music composed by Hoang Nguyen)

The purple color of the dress and the blue color of the river create a special effect which stirs many people's hearts when coming to Hue. That purple dress is also a harassing longing of many people when being far from Hue until that purple appears for a moment somewhere:

Purple dress, pensive Huong river

Is still sluggish in severe memory

Although rain and sunshine have myriads of distance

You still have a little of Hue in plateau

The work mentioned in above named "Meeting Hue in plateau" made by Tran Ngoc Trac (Trần Ngọc Trác)

Nowadays, coming to Hue, although there are no longer Dong Khanh schoolgirls in purple dresses, purple dress still appears for a moment somewhere along the street, young ladies in purple dresses in Thanh Noi (Thành Nội) make many people dazed. If you are a tourist, please call at Hue once, contemplating this fadeless view.


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