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Though enjoyed with beef meat, rice noodle and fennel, "pho cuon" Ha Noi is different from other kinds of "pho" (may be thought of as rice noodle served with beef meat) in which the rice threads are sliced and used with consommé. "Pho cuon" is square pieces rolled like Vietnamese meat roll. Tourists coming from other regions usually want to try "pho cuon" since it is a famous dish of Ha Noi Capital.

Phở Cuốn

 Pho Cuon

Actually, this dish has just appeared two years ago. At the intersection of Ngu Xa Streets and Nguyen Khac Hieu Street in Ha Noi, there used to be a rather famous "pho" store.

Phở cuốn được ăn với nước chấm pha sẵn

 The sauce is made up like the way making sauce for the dishes "meat roll" and "banh goi

Eating "pho cuon" on the pavement brings a special taste. The method making "pho" rolled with beef meat is quite simple. The rice pastry is sliced into square pieces with the dimension of 20cm x 20cm. The seller needs to order this kind of rice pastry from the supplier who will deliver a large pastry similar to a roll of cloth, and then cuts it into square bits. When rolling, the buyer often has a person help split the pastry. Beef meat is sliced and mixed with spices and sodium glutamate. In addition, onion and garlic are fried cursorily on a pan. The cook needs to fry beef quickly so that the beef is shrunk and delicious. Then salt, fish sauce and other seasoning are added until it is tasty enough. Beef when arranged on dishes is hot and attractive. The person rolling rice pastry will put some pieces of meat and kinds of vegetable like fennel, coriandrum sativum and salad on, and then start to roll it. The sauce is made up similar to the way making sauce for the dishes "meat roll" and "banh goi". This kind of food is suitable for all the time and brings people the feeling that it is not fatty at all.

The price of each piece of "pho cuon" is cheap. And due to its delicious flavour, people rarely come and eat less than 5 pieces.

Source: simplevietnam.com

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