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A less trodden island off Nha Trang

Photo of Entry:  A less trodden island off Nha Trang

Nha Trang City is well known as a destination for tourists who like white sand beaches, including around scenic islands.

Tour operators always take local and international tourists to popular islands off the city's coast, but there are some islands least frequented by man. Sam is among these islands.


This island remains a mystery of nature, so Long Phu, a local tourism service provider, has placed it on the list of new destinations for tourists to discover.


The first 80 visitors were taken to the island covering 8.3 hectares early this month.


From Vinh Luong commune on National Highway 1A, travelers can see Sam island clad with green trees and looking like a white sand carpet with two tiny mountains.


The sand expanse there is a playground for tourists while both ends are home to beautiful beaches, with one of them sandy and facing Nha Trang City and the other rocky and opposing another island called Thi.


Sam island is surrounded by a group of green islands extremely different from islands elsewhere.


There are wild longan and sweet orange trees laden with fruits all year round. However, visitors are disallowed to pick the fruits for protection of the scenery there.


The green mountains on the island are good for young tourists to make an adventure as they are low and home to many caves and leaf canopies.


A winding coastline, coupled with limpid water, is a "must-see" place for travelers on a sunny day.


Visitors to Sam island are offered other services, such as motorboat cruising, jet-skiing, bamboo-raft rowing, parachuting and diving south of the island where there are splendid coral reefs.


The island is worth visiting, indeed.

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