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Nha Trang’s new island escape

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Coral reefs, edible lizards, and white sandy beaches are all a part of Hon Sam’s attraction.

The familiar retreat for Vietnam beach lovers, Nha Trang, has added a new attraction – Hon Sam (Sam Islet).


Hon Sam, which is managed by Nha Trang-based Long Phu Tourist Company, opened to tourists this month, so now is the chance to be one of the first to enjoy it.


The layout of the islet makes it particularly special.


It has two small mountains at either end, with beaches in between both sides within easy walking distance of each other.


There’s a view of Nha Trang Town from the sandy beach on one side and nearby Thi Islet can be seen from the opposite side.


The ocean surrounding the island is crystal blue and inviting, while Hon Sam’s flora is vivid green.


There are natural forests and orchards of longan and oranges, which make contrast with other islands in the area.


Daily tours around Hon Sam include caves and nature walks.


Hon Sam is home to con dong (a species of sea reptile) which is prized for its delicious meat.


The Long Phu Tourist Company plans to start farming these lizards.


Tourists who love adventure can go sailing, motorboating, diving and rowing on bamboo rafts to nearby islets.


Divers should not miss the magnificent coral reefs south of Hon Sam.


To enjoy fresh seafood, tourists can take boats out to fish pens off the island to choose their own fish, which the restaurants on the islet will cook for them.


Dang Thai Luyen, director of Long Phu Tourist Co., said all the services and facilities are still in the early stages and there will be more tourist activities in the future.

Source Thanh Nien News

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