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A long stretch of peace and tranquility at Bai Dai Beach

Photo of Entry:  A long stretch of peace and tranquility at Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai (Long Beach) in central Khanh Hoa Province has slowly gained popularity in recent years with the tourist brigade, as locals wake up to the potential of this ‘sleeping beauty'.

Bai Dai stretches for 10 kilometers across Cam Hai Dong Commune in Cam Ranh Town, and its pristine beauty, white sands.


And shallow turquoise waters are an increasing draw for visitors.


The beach got its name from the vast sandy arc that appears during low tide on calm days.


The sea here is shallow which makes it an excel-lent place for children and non-swimmers alike.


Tourists can also discover forests of poplar trees sitting atop the beach's stunning sand dunes.


Visitors can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and cool off while lying under the trees.


The trees also pro-vide a pleasant spot to have a picnic as well as offering some much needed relief from the heat of the midday sun.


However, those who expect to find accommodation similar to other, more developed beach towns in Vietnam may be disappointed upon arrival at Bai Dai.


Any such modern and comfortable resorts are still on the drawing board.


The authorities of Khanh Hoa have plans to turn Bai Dai into one of the major tourism areas in the southern part of the province, and intend to build a four-star tourism complex with luxury resorts on a 200-hectare site.


However, what Bai Dai lacks in accommodation, it makes up for in cheap eateries.


There are around 30 makeshift restaurants lying along the one km stretch of beach which visitors can enjoy.


Here, visitors can feast on fresh squid, fish and crab at lower prices than those in the capital city of Nha Trang.


There is also the option of bringing your own food and drinks and renting chairs at VND5,000 (US$0.31) each.


Finally, and somewhat surprisingly, each of the restaurants has a fresh-water well where tourists can rinse off or bathe free of charge.


A 21 km road opened in late April 2004, linking the southern part of the Lo River in the provincial capital of Nha Trang to the Cam Ranh Airport.


This has allowed easier access to this hidden treasure for curious travelers, which means this gorgeous spot won't remain so peaceful and secluded for much longer.


Those wishing to discover this secluded gem should go straight on Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard for 10 km from Cam Ranh.


After passing through Dong Bo Mountain, continue going straight along the dirt road for some 200 meters until you meet the sea at Bai Dai.

Source ThanhnienNews

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