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Around 35 kilometers from the town of Long Xuyen in the Mekong Delta’s An Giang Province, stands scenic Ba The Mountain.

Also known as Vong The Mountain, it is located in Oc Eo, the administrative center of Thoai Son District.

Acres of verdant rice fields stretch in all directions around the mountain and with just a handful of inhabitants in the area, visitors can relax in the tranquility of nature.

Farther west of Ba The Mountain is the Rach Gia coastline of neighboring Kien Giang Province. To the southwest is the magnificent That Son Mountain Range.

To access the mountain, visitors can take a motorbike taxi for around VND7,000 (US$0.45). A steep, winding paved road runs up the side of the mountain through green forests.

Visitors can also hike up the mountain but should bring along plenty of water and a snack as there are no shops in the area. After walking for one kilometer, travelers will reach a three-way intersection. Making a right turn will reveal a large rock shaped like a human.

In the northern area of Ba The Mountain is another giant granite rock. On top of the rock, which stands about three meters high, is an unusual footprint known as the “fairy’s footprint” by locals. The rock is located beside Son Tien Tu, an age-old pagoda.

About 50 meters from the “fairy’s footprint” is an exhibition center where relics of the Oc Eo civilization, that existed from the first to the seventh century, are displayed. The antiques include pots, kettles, lampshades, bricks, and statues of gods. The first items were discovered in 1944 in a field near Giong Cat and Giong Xoai, two localities south of Ba The Mountain.

After visiting the Oc Eo relics exhibition center, tourists can stand on the peak of Ba The Mountain and enjoy the pure, fresh air while gazing down upon rushing rivers and magical greenery.


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