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Location: Tra Su Forest is located in Vinh Trung Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province.
Characteristics: Coming to Tra Su Forest, people will have a chance to enjoy precious moments living in harmony with nature as well as the wholesome atmosphere.

The forest has been restored since 1983 with a current extension area of 700 hectares. This ecological spot is the habitat of many genera of water birds (mostly storks), colonies of bats and various rare animal and bird species. Especially tourists will be flabbergasted by small houses on stilts with rudimentary bamboo ceilings that are firmly tightened to cajuput trees, making an unusual existence in the quiet ambience of the forest. They are actually restoration work of a provincial-level revolutionary base of the An Giang people and soldiers in the glorious struggle against the US imperialists.

Standing on a 10m high watch tower in the midst of the forest, tourists can enjoy a panorama of the vast greenery spotted with the white of storks below. Turtles, snakes, as well as other reptiles and freshwater fishes are also abundant in the canals.

Endowed with peace and tranquility, Tra Su Forest will certainly become a unique and attractive destination for tourists who love the beauty of nature.


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Tra Su: The Invitation of Discovery

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