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There are many ethnic groups in An Giang province. In addition to Việt, there are a large number of Cham (Chăm) people in the two districts Tan Chau (Tân Châu) and Phu Tan (Phú Tân). But the difference between the Cham people in An Giang and those in other places is that they are all Islam and worship the Allah. So, in their living areas, there are always wonderful chancels which were carefully built.

In An Giang province, the Chancel of Islam Mabarak (also known as The Cham's pagoda) has been considered a beautiful chancel with a special architecture of Islam. The Chancel is located in Phú Hiệp village, Phu Tan district, An Giang province. Following the national highway number 91  from the center of Long Xuyên city, then take Chau Giang (Châu Giang) ferry, you will arrive in this wonderful chancel.

 The Chancel of Islam Mabarak 

The Chancel of Islam Mabarak

The chancel was designed by an Indian architect Mohamet Amin. The main gate was made circle in front of a large yard. There is a small chancel with a Islam symbol inside - a start and a crescent-moon. The main doors were made circle, too. Inside the chancel, there is not any altar but a "hau tam" ("hậu tấm") (a place for some dignitaries to guide the believers). The walls inside are colored of white and blue. The foundation is by ceramic tiles which embellish the fanciful scenery of the chancel.

Annually, in the great  holidays such as the birthday of the head Mohamet (12th of the third month of the Islam calendar), the Cham's Tet (Tết) holiday ( the first day of the 10th month of the Islam calendar), or at Ramadan (from the first day to the 30th of ninth month of the Islam calendar), a lot of local people come here to celebrate. It can be said that Cham Chau (Chăm Châu) village and The Chancel of Islam Mabarak are ideal places for tourists.


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