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Location: Tiger Island is located in My Hoa Hung Commune, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province.
Characteristics: The island had been raised by the silt of Hau River. There is the wooden house where preserves artifacts of President Ton Duc Thang on the island.

The inhabitants of this island explain that in the past this was a region of rushes and reeds that was the dens of tigers and panthers. After many years of accumulation of the silt of Hau River this fertile island was formed and then men began to establish communities, but they still call this island by the name of Tiger.

On the island there is a wooden house in the middle of the garden abundant in fruit trees. This house is the place where the artifacts of President Ton Duc Thang are preserved. President Ton Duc Thang’s father, Mr. Ton Van De built the wooden house in 1887.

Coming to Ong Ho Island, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the taste of various fruits, specialty meals and listen to artists’ songs, and music, get acquainted with the life of the Southern people, see the fish rafts on the e


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